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Choromatsu Matsuno

(松野 チョロ松)

Chara choromatsu
Choromatsu as he appears in the 2015 anime.



Blood type


Date of birth

May 24

1966 VA

Keiko Yamamoto

1988 VA

Rica Matsumoto

2015 VA

Hiroshi Kamiya

Choromatsu Matsuno (松野チョロ松 Matsuno Choromatsu) is the third-born son of the sextuplets.


Kid sextuplet

Choromatsu as a child.

As a child, Choromatsu is described as "quick to judge and quick to flee." He is something of a coward, tending to watch from the sidelines, but he is nonetheless very confident in himself and his abilities. He is often described as "clever, yet selfish."

He gets along particularly well with Osomatsu, and the two often cause mischief together.

In one story, when Osomatsu let himself be adopted out by a rich couple, Choromatsu grew mad with power and took it upon himself to be the dominant one of the family, whipping his brothers and father. This was undone when Osomatsu returned and reclaimed his dominance.


Choromatsu is arguably the most logical of the six Matsuno brothers, and quite possibly be the only one truly concerned that they don't have jobs. He is the prominent straight man among his brothers. He often considers himself to be the most mature, going so far as to suggest that he should be the eldest brother and the one in charge, not Osomatsu. However, his biggest weakness is cute girls, particularly Nyaa and Totoko, in the presence in which he fawns over.

He is, however, not a particularly crafty or secretive person, and is not good at hiding his thoughts or emotions. He tends to overthink things.

In the commentary in episode 12, Osomatsu and Totoko remark about his serious and straight man nature not being his "true personality".

Episode Appearances

1966 Anime

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1988 Anime

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2015 Anime

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  • His name derives from the Japanese onomatopoeia chorochoro, meaning to dart around, as well as the word choroi (ちょろい), meaning simple/easy.
  • In the 1993 one-shot story "Osomatsu-kun Grows Up," he grows up to become a police officer.
  • In the December 2015 issue of "PASH!," when asked what he would take with him to a deserted island, he answered, "My normal human heart," seemingly in reference to Karamatsu's answer of "a beautiful heart."
  • In the same issue, when asked "What's your fetish?," he simply responded, "I can't tell you."
  • In a popularity poll hosted by the cretaor, Choromatsu was ranked 5th place with 5,808 votes.