ESP Kitty
Episode 5b Infobox Photo
ESP Kitty in episode 5B





ESP Kitty is a cat, commonly found in the possession of Ichimatsu in the 2015 anime, and a recurring character in the Osomatsu series.


An orange cat with a white belly, a big red button nose, brown eyebrows, and blue glasses.

Episode Appearances

1966 Anime

EspKitty 1966

He appears in an episode with Dekapan, who gives ESP Kitty his first round of ESP powers. Dekapan is also the one to first give him his glasses. 

He is seen following Chibita numerous other times during the series.

1988 Anime

2015 Anime

He is first introduced in episode Episode 5B: ESP Kitty, of the 2015 episodes. He continues to make appearances in the show after that, but these appearances are less meaningful.

He most commonly is shown as one of Ichimatsu's cat friends.



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