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First aired on

January 19, 2016

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Episode 14: We Caught a Cold, Todomatsu's Line, & Choromatsu-sensei

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Episode 15B: The Life of Chibita's Flower

Episode 15A: Interview is the first half of the fifteenth episode of Osomastu-san.



Excuse Me!


Jyushinmatsu showing his butt at Choromatsu.

The episode starts off with Jyushimatsu being called into an interview by Choromatsu. At first, he sits on the desk, then a plant, and then finally a chair. Choromatsu asks him why he wants to work for the company, he's then seen biting his head until he's told to stop. He then looks at his resume, and sees that hes skilled at baseball, Jyushimatsu then changes into his baseball clothes as Ichimatsu walks in with a bat and basket of baseballs. He then starts to play by practicing his swings in front of Choromatsu, who is dodging every baseball. After he stops, Ichimatsu walks over and tells him that Jyushimatsu is a great guy, he then leaves the room.

There's No Way We Can Hire Him!


Choromatsu frustrated the way of dealing Jyushimatsu.

In the President's Office, Choromatsu is seen letting his anger out by telling Osomatsu all the things wrong with Jyushimatsu. Karamatsu, the Company President insists on hiring him as Secretary Todomatsu agrees. Osomatsu then decides to interview him before quickly backing out. Jyushimatsu then walks into the President's Office tells them that they shouldn't hire him, and walks off. Ichimatsu then pops out and tells them that they won't see him again as the episode ends.

Different Choices


Girlymatsu at the bus stop. Where Osoko are frustrated to lead them.

In the Girlymatsu segment, the girls are on vacation and have gotten off the train. Many of them are complaining about the town, while Todoko is constantly taking pictures. Osoko then tells them to hurry for the bus to check in at the inn. After getting off the bus, she complains about how slow they were running. Additionally, none of the girls even know where the inn is. Osoko then snaps on how every time they pick something to do, she always has to decide for them and that they can't do it on their own. A few days later, Todoko posts her photos online for the girls to see. They all think that the photos are good, including Jyushiko, who post a thumbs up sticker as the segment ends.