BANANA & NEET Correctional Facility
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First aired on

February 26, 2018

Japanese title

BANANA & ニート矯正施設

Romaji title

BANANA & Nito hosei setsubi

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Episode 46: BANANA & NEET Correctional Facility is the forty-six episode (twenty-first in second season) of Osomatsu-san.


Refer to "Trivia" section for more details on the characters' appearance in "BANANA".


The Late Night Himatsuya

Osomatsu-san episode 21

The Sextuplets drinking at Chinese Cafeteria Himatsuya.

The Sextuplet at the Chinese Cafeteria Himatsuya drank heavily and playing with tapping with their head of saying ding dong over and over again. Until, one of the gangster tell them to stop it. Otherwise, they're dead and finally settle down and quiet.


Osomatsu-san episode 21 segement 2

Todomatsu as girl viewing at the BANANA promotion board.

The segments starts with a character called Toti-mi, wandering in Shibuya, Tokyo and lamenting lack of money.

A truck with "BANANA" advertisement suddenly appears, playing music, and attracts Toti-mi's sight. That night, Toti-mi is interviewed by shop-master Ichimatsu of the "Kitty Shack", presumbly a themed brothel.  Ichimatsu asks Toti-mi to perform numerous tricks which implies sadomasochism , but Toti-mi cannot do them and at the end collapses on the ground.  As Ichimatsu tries to feed fast food and mustard to her, Toti-mi realizes what she really wants to do.

Back in Shibuya, two more girls, waiting to cross the road with a lot of people, lament on their lack of money.  The BANANA truck pulls up in front of them, this time opening itself.  It's revealed that Toti-mi has become a dancer to help out with the advertisement.  The two lamenting girls quickly become astonished.

As the BANANA song plays (with Toto-mi providing the vocal now), the truck visits more places in Tokyo and attracts some more girls:

They all join Toti-mi in the dance - it's revealed that shop-master Ichimatsu also dances himself.  The group continues to gain popularity and at the end they start a very lucrative tour.  Toti-mi rejoices at her ability to "turn the tables" at the end.

NEET Correctional Facility

Osomatsu-san episode 21 segement 3

Choromatsu helping his mother select which one of Sextuplets should be sent to the facility

Another peaceful day at the Matsuno home, an unexpected employee from the NEET Correctional Facility tried to convince Matsuyo and Matsuzō to send one of their six children to the facility for free. Matsyo takes it upon herself to select which of her sons was the worst and therefore send to the facility. However, each of her sons tick her off with their usual behaviors and so calls Choromatsu to help her decide.

Choromatsu was at first nervous, thinking he was going to be sent to the correctional facility. Once relieved by Matsuyo, they sit down and Matsuyo brings out the silhouettes of the other five brothers. Choromatsu instantly points to Osomatsu's silhouette to his mother's surprise, who thought he would choose Karamatsu. The third brother reasoned that while Karamatsu was annoying, he hadn't done anything wrong, so he wouldn't be leaving. Choromatsu asked who Matsuyo would send should he have to send someone, and she chose either Ichimatsu or Todomatsu. When asked about sending Jyushimatsu, both of them shot down the idea of someone else taking care of him simply because he was too wild. At making the final decision however, Matsuyo completely broke down because he actually couldn't send any of her children away even though they're NEETS.

Matsuyo wasn't able to make a decision, much to the relief of the sextuplets. Matsuzō came home from work and said he had decided that the brothers needed tough love, therefore three of them would be sent to the correctional facility the next day. Horrified, the brothers tried bribing him into letting them stay with various things, which evolved into showing how much they appreciated him. Suddenly, Matsuyo started laughing and asked what she was going to do with her boys before she tackled them in a hug and refused to get off of them.


The Late Night Himatsuya

  • In one shot of the segment, there is a can with the words "Pepper Keibu" on it, a reference to the 70s Pink Lady song of the same name.


  • The segment is a parody of the VANILLA, a Japanese prostitution recruitment advertising campaign.
  • Ichimatsu and Totoko are the only characters to appear in the segment as-is.
  • Nyaa appeared in an advertisement but does not personally show up. Silhouettes of Dekapan and Dayon also appear on one of the advertisement boards.
  • The main character is called Totti-mi instead of Todo-mi becase the latter name was used for a character appeared four episodes ago.  The two characters look similar after make-up is applied.
  • Oso-mi and Jyushi-mi are named so as to distinguish them from their Girly-matsu counterparts. After applying make-up, Jyushi-mi resembles a light-skinned Jyushiko.
  • The dancing girl version of the other characters do not have names.
  • Iyami, Dekapan and Dayon retain their mustaches despite being female in this segment.

NEET Correctional Facility

  • At one point, Choromatsu addresses his mother by name instead of using the proper address ("Mother").
  • Matsuzo converses with Karamatsu using Kara-style English.


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