Osomatsu-san in Hell

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March 26, 2018

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Romaji title

Jigoku no Osomatsu-san

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Episode 50: Osomatsu-san in Hell is is the fiftieth episode (twenty-fifth in second season) of Osomatsu-san. It is the final episode of season 2.


The following lists the characters by their order of appearance in this episode.

Most, if not all, characters from the anime had an appearance in this episode as well.


Continued from previous episode


Oso announcing his big alert, before in the moment of him and five of his brother went to underworld.

As Osomatsu is about to announce something to his brothers, it's revealed that Iyami is attempting to find the treasure himself, leaving his team (Hatabo, Dekapan and Dayon) at the airport.  However, Iyami's plane breaks up and crashes into the Matsuno household, killing himself and the Sextuplets.  The Sextuplets "wake up" only to find themselves in the Underworld.

The Matsuno household quickly assembles a funeral, with the usual main characters, as well as Nyaa and Kin-chan, paying their last respects.  Meanwhile, the Sextuplets find themselves judged by none other than Shonosuke (as Yama), and after a brief fight they are banished to Hell to suffer all kinds of bizarre punishment.


King Enma sent the Sextuplets to hell.

The Sextuplets have suffered a whole round of punishments only to have their first block of "reincarnation card" stamped.  They suddenly see their idol forms (as separate characters), and then Iyami, also among the banished souls.  Meanwhile, in the Matsuno household, Chibita recovers the picture of Akatsuka from the crash site, to which he and Totoko, Hatabo, Dekapan and Dayon pray.  The Sextuplets also make the same prayer, claiming they are still virgins and cannot die like this.

Suddenly a beam of light enters the Underworld, and Akatsuka "himself" appears in the opening.  Encouraged, the Sextuplets vow to fight the monsters, summoned by Shonosuke-Yama.  As the Sextuplets are swiftly defeated while Akatsuka simply looks on and laughs, the five friends enter the Underworld and help the Sextuplets.  Many banished characters also join in, with the idol form of the Sextuplets operating the "Proper-ranger" robot to fight. 


Iyami & The Sextuplets engaging a strugge to climbing up the life rode to be reborn.

The characters turn out victorious, but Iyami fights the Sextuplets fiercely for the right to return to life. They break the rope hanging from the Portal, but the Idol Sextuplets (in robot) manage to bat them into the Portal. The five friends are also teleported back.


The Sextuplets discovered their body being decay after coming back from hell.

The Sextuplets are almost cremated at the crematorium when they come back to life. They are scared by their own twisted appearance. Nevertheless, they somehow fare better than Iyami, who's already decomposed and has to be resurrected as an animated skeleton.

The End


  • This is the second consecutive episode not to have any kind of preview in its predecessor.
  • This is Shonosuke's only appearance in Season 2 cour 2.
  • Eitarou and his mother are seen arriving at the Matsuno household during the funeral, but they are not seen inside.
  • Jyushimatsu's girlfriend sits behind Kin-chan, but her face is not shown.
  • Nyaa's place and speech in the funeral suggests that she is recognized as one of the Sextuplets' friends despite, according to her own words, "not spending much time with them".
  • The punishments in Hell include:
Punishment Applied on
Sharp spikesChoromatsu, Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu
Burning hot panOsomatsu, Todomatsu and Choromatsu
Repeated ripping of nipplesOsomatsu
Tongue pullingChoromatsu
Explosive baseball strikesOsomatsu, Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu
FreezingTodomatsu and Karamatsu
Pursuit by ogre womenKaramatsu
3-side Mahjong Limited HandsOsomatsu
Model in a girl ogre's art schoolOsomatsu and Jyushimatsu
Publication of private journalsTodomatsu and Ichimatsu
Ripping of nipples with Ichimatsu as executionerTodomatsu
Forced labour for Hell lighting systemF6 and Proper-ranger robot
  • "Banished" characters seen in this episode include:
Character First seen in
 Idol forms of the SextupletsEpisode 1: Osomatsu-kun Returns
 SanematsuEpisode 13: Sanematsu-san, Girlymatsu-san, & Accident?
 Pretty Flower FairyEpisode 15B: The Life of Chibita's Flower
 Ugly Flower FairyEpisode 15B: The Life of Chibita's Flower
 The Oil MagnateEpisode 24A: Totoko's Huge Panic
 CoachmatsuEpisode 25: Osomatsu-san, Such As It Was
Shoei's Eating Competition Contestants (3 in total) Episode 28: Totoko's Challenge
 SousouEpisode 32: Osomatsu and Todomatsu
 Miwa and KumiEpisode 32: Osomatsu and Todomatsu
Dubbing Studio Controller Episode 35: Karamatsu and Brother
 MichaelmatsuEpisode 38: End of the Year
 Shaazar and his companionEpisode 41: Space Pirates, Gourmet Round & The Cutie Next Door
 Dr. KershawEpisode 43: Iyami, Alone in the Wind
 KikuEpisode 43: Iyami, Alone in the Wind
 One of Dayon's colleaguesEpisode 48: The Late Night Himatsuya, Dayon and Dayon & Iyami-san is troubled
 Kimura DayonEpisode 48: The Late Night Himatsuya, Dayon and Dayon & Iyami-san is troubled