Chibita & Oden
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First aired on

November 30, 2015

Japanese title


Romaji title

Chibita to Oden

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Episode 9A: Chibita & Oden is the first half of the ninth episode of Osomatsu-san.



Snow Delivery Skit

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The episode starts off with Hatabo walking in the snow, he comes across two snowmen, the snowmen break apart and they are revealed to be Osomatsu and Ichimatsu; who perform a delivery skit entitled, "The Actually Rather Award: Crane Repays a Debt." In the skit, Osomatsu plays a crane that Ichimatsu had saved, the crane visits his house and asks to stay the night, the man (Ichimatsu) says no and shuts the door, saying that it's not necessary. The crane walks away, upset, while Hatabo is making a snowman, ending the skit.

Still No Plans

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The episode starts off with Chibita at his oden stand, saying that his oden is the best in the world. Then, Karamatsu comes over and sits down. As he's eating the oden, Chibita asks how it is, he doesn't respond, so he takes it as a positive response. He also asks him if he's found a job yet, he respond with that he has no plans for work. Chibita tells that if he doesn't find a job soon, he'll end up like Iyami, pointing to him and that he's fighting over food with other cats.

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Karamatsu then says that he wants to better himself, give people dreams, and bring world peace. Chibita then thinks that Karamastu also wants to run an oden shop. So he gives him the job of being his apprentice.


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In order to work for him, Chibita shaves off Karamatsu's head, with only a single strand of hair left. He becomes nervous, thinking that Chibita misunderstood him. As he tries to tell him that it's a misunderstanding, he interrupts him and tells him all about oden, the history of it, and tells him how to prepare an oden stand.

Setting Up The Stand

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After explaining to Karamatsu all about oden, Chibita then shows him a secret technique on how to prepare an oden stand. He first violently makes the broth, he then throws all the ingredients in an arranged order. As he is telling how to taste the broth, Karamatsu slowly walks away from the stand, then he starts to sprint far away. Chibita takes off his clothes and bathes in the oden. The episode ends with Karamatsu sprinting and saying how scary Chibita can be.