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Hatabō as he appears in the 2015 anime.



1966 VA

Takako Sasuga

1988 VA

Mari Mashiba

2015 VA

Momoko Saitō

Hatabō is a young boy with a flag on his head.

Personality & Characteristics

Hatabo Wears dark green overalls with yellow bottons on it. Under it, He wears a white hoodie. He wears white and orange shoes and is always seen with a Japanese flag on his head. He also has buck teeth that stick out most of the time. Hatabo always ends his sentence with "Jo."

1966 Anime

Hatabo/1966 Anime Episode Appearances

1988 Anime

Hatabo/1988 Anime Episode Appearances

2015 Anime

Hatabo/Osomatsu-san Episode Appearances


  • His name means "flag boy". This in turn is referenced in how his older self in Osomatsu-san is referred to as Mr. Flag.




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