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Ichimatsu Matsuno

(松野 一松)

Chara ichimatsu
Ichimatsu as he appears in the 2015 anime.



Blood type


Date of birth

May 24

1966 VA

Haruko Kitahama

1988 VA

Mari Yokoo

2015 VA

Jun Fukuyama

English VA


Ichimatsu Matsuno (松野一松 Matsuno Ichimatsu) is the fourth-born son of the Matsuno Family.



Ichimatsu's appearance differs very little, if at all, from that of his brothers.
Kid sextuplet

Ichimatsu as a child.


Ichimatsu Casual Wear

Ichimatsu in his casual wear.

Ichimatsu still shares a similar appearance to his brothers, He can be differentiated from them by his half droopy eyes, slightly ruffled hair, hunched back, and two cowlicks. In his debut in the Osomatsu-san anime, he dons the same outfit as his brothers, which consists of a white shirt, black tie, blue blazer, grey trousers and black shoes. He also wears a purple hoodie, alongside simple blue sweatpants (tastefully striped down the side) and purplish sandals for casual/home wear.

Personality & Characteristics


As a child, he mostly acts in tandem with the other five brothers. Individually, he is the more practical and serious type with a honest nature and strong will. Though he bullies Chibita, he can also be shown to care for and express concern for younger children and peers that are not his brothers.

In situations where only two brothers go off on mischief or they are divided into pairs, he most commonly is seen with Jyushimatsu.

He does not like his name being mistaken as "市松", an alternate reading of "Ichimatsu," which means "check pattern."


Ichimatsu is the "lone wolf" of the Matsuno brothers. He has an affinity to cats and chooses to spend time with them instead of people. Because of this, his brothers see him as incapable of friendship, despite the truth that Ichimatsu is just not self-confident to befriend others. However, it very so happens that Ichimatsu actually has a difficult time expressing himself.

He is still commonly seen with Jyushimatsu, sharing a close relationship with him. This is exemplified in episodes such as 9B: Jyushimatsu Falls in Love, where Ichimatsu voluntarily offers to serve as added weight on Jyushimatsu's baseball bat, even when clearly shown to dislike it (though, the reasons behind this are questionable; some may argue that this contributes to part of Ichimatsu's "masochistic" nature, which was offhandedly mentioned to be part of his official character description in the 3rd installment of Osomatsu Radio).

Contrasting to Jyushimatsu however, Ichimatsu is shown to be awkward around Choromatsu. He admits being intimidated by how hard Choromatsu tries to be a 'normal' person, searching for jobs and scolding his brothers. Despite both being the middle sons, they have no common interests at all.

Ichimatsu seems to hate his brother Karamatsu for an unknown reason, going so far as to dance with glee when Karamatsu was kidnapped in Episode 5A. However, this is contradicted in Episode 16, when he changes into Karamatsu's "perfect fashion" while the older is taking a nap and even admits to it after Osomatsu admits it out loud. He is even shocked that Karamatsu pretended to be him to protect Ichimatsu's pride, making the fourth born inwardly screaming of becoming a "Karamatsu Boy".

In Episode 27, Ichimatsu refuses to let his brothers see his organs until they pin him down. To their surprise, his heart is made of glass with a "fragile" sticker on it. This infers that Ichimatsu is very sensitive and only acts dark and cold for his protection, leading fans to infer that he's a tsundere (a person who acts distant while keeping their emotions inside).

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  • Ichimatsu is the fourth-born son of the Matsuno sextuplets, despite the fact that the "Ichi" (一) in his name means "one," or "first." He references this multiple times and uses it as yet another means to deprecate himself.
  • His name is derived from Ichimatsumoyo (市松模様), meaning "checkered." His name is also a shorthanded way to refer to a certain type of traditional Japanese doll.
  • In the 1993 one-shot story "Osomatsu-kun Grows Up," he is shown to have become the president of a company. This is subtly referenced in Episode 2A: Let's Get a Job, where Ichimatsu acts as an overseer to the rest of the factory workers.
  • In the "PASH!" December 2015 issue, when asked about the one thing he would take with him to an uninhabited island, he answered, "A cat."
  • In the same issue, when asked "What's your fetish?," he responded honestly: "Cat paws."
  • In a popularity poll hosted by the cretaor, Ichimatsu was ranked 2nd place with 11,372 votes.
  • According to Episode 3 of Season 2, he wishes to have a fateful encounter while skiing.