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Jyushimatsu Matsuno

(松野 十四松)

Chara jyushimatsu
Jyushimatsu as he appears in the 2015 anime.



Blood type


Date of birth

May 24

1966 VA

Mie Azuma

1988 VA

Naoko Matsui, Rica Matsumoto (understudy)

2015 VA

Daisuke Ono

English VA


Jyushimatsu Matsuno (松野十四松 Matsuno Jūshimatsu) is a character in the series Osomatsu-kun. He is one of the sextuplets.

His name derives from 十姉妹 (jyushimatsu), the Japanese name for the Bengalese finch. However, besides being spelled with the kanji for "pine" (松), the characters for "fourteen" (十四) are also substituted.

His place in the order of the sextuplets was ambiguous and not of importance in early media, other than leaving him assumed to be the youngest brother at times due to falling last in some orders.

However, he has been established as the second-youngest son in recent works, most notably his counterpart in the 2015-2016 spinoff Osomatsu-san


In Akatsuka's original manga settings, Jyushimatsu is listed as the quiet sextuplet, gentler and a bit more reserved in comparison to the other five. However, later official descriptions by Fujio Pro instead characterize him as the loudest, noisy and talkative brother, and able to sing as well as his namesake.

The CR Osomatsu-kun pachinko game takes from both of these descriptions, attempting to resolve any contradictions by saying that he has a quiet personality but loves to sing.

Personality & Characteristics

Child (-kun)

Kid sextuplet

Jyushimatsu as a child.


Jyushimatsu's appearance differs very little, if at all, from that of his brothers.

In the Takeshobo reprints, he was assigned purple as a theme color and even appears wearing it on a cover. However, for the April Fools' joke on the Osomatsu-san website, the -kun era Jyushimatsu was assigned green.


Jyushimatsu is a kinder, friendly, and thoughtful type of boy, tending to avoid roughness if he can and crying easily. But this does not mean he is never complicit in fights and trouble, and he can participate in plenty mischief and unreasonable pranks (such as creating pitfalls, or putting dandruff in shaved ice). He can also be a bit eccentric.

As he is fairly obedient, he can be easily coaxed into a situation by his brothers. Unfortunately, this obedience also makes him very gullible and weak to others' harm. At times, he'll wind up late for a plan as he'll instead take part in actions that seem natural to him. In the story "Our Rooms are Cool", he confesses to Iyami that he's insecure of not standing out among the sextuplets (as his name "is never called first"), with his presence being the weakest and him becoming weary of the world.

In Iyami's first formal appearance, he can't get Jyushimatsu's name right and instead refers to him by Jyunimatsu ("twelve matsu").

Adult (-san)

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 20.16.32

Jyushimatsu's casual wear (as seen in Osomatsu-san)


He is usually seen with his mouth wide open, smiling, with his tongue visible. He also has one cowlick. In the first episode of Osomatsu-san, he wears a white shirt, black tie, blue blazer, grey trousers and black shoes. In the other episodes, he is usually seen wearing a yellow hoodie (which sleeves are longer than his arms), blue shorts and white socks. At home, he wears yellow slippers.

In Episode 9B: Jyushimatsu Falls in Love, when Jyushimatsu is shown crying, his tongue is represented by a broken heart, rather than a full one like usual.


Jyushimatsu is the strange one and the most child-like of the Matsuno brothers. He is generally happy, energetic and over-excited almost all the time, and is rarely seen in a serious state. According to Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu also has trouble blending in with other people due to his extreme child-like personality.

Despite this, Jyushimatsu is seen as the kindest among the sextuplets, as evidenced when he worked the hardest to look for Ichimatsu's lost cat, and has a closer relationship with Ichimatsu than his other brothers.

In Episode 11: Christmas Osomatsu-san, it is established that, according to Osomatsu, Jyushimatsu makes it a point to stay up and wait for Santa every Christmas, and has done so since he was a child.




Osomatsu-kun (manga)

"Osomatsu-kun Grows Up"

25 years after the events of -kun, another idea of an adult setting is detailed in this Big Comic advertisement for Sapporo Black beer.

Jyushimatsu, now 35, has been employed as a doctor and can be differentiated by his Chaplin-style mustache. However, Osomatsu believes that he isn't that good of a doctor, since he was unable to save their father from choking on a fish bone. Jyushimatsu retorts that it was Todomatsu's fault for selling him the fish with the bone, but Todomatsu directs the blame to Choromatsu.

Although Osomatsu is specified to be single out of the group of brothers, Jyushimatsu's marital status is left ambiguous (along with that of Choromatsu and Todomatsu).

Foreign Names

Note: Full names in other Southeast Asian dubs are listed in the Eastern standard order.

Jyushimatsu appears with these names in dubbing and translations of the franchise outside of Japan.

Language Name Origin
Cantonese (Hong Kong) Songye Liusong (松野六松) "Matsuno Rokumatsu"; "Sixth Pine" as he fell sixth in the original role-call.
Korean Yuk Bindung (육빈둥) Given name Bindung means "hollow"; surname means "Six".

The renaming in Korea only applies to the -kun dub aired there; his name is retained in the -san dub aired in 2016.


Voice Acting

Jyushimatsu, along with Osomatsu, was one of the few sextuplets to have a solitary voice in the 1966 anime. He was consistantly portrayed by Mie Azuma throughout the episodes.

In the 1988 anime, he was voiced by Naoko Matsui, as a secondary role to her major one of Totoko. On some occasions, Matsui was either busy voicing Totoko or unavailable for another reason, leading the Jyushimatsu role to be handed off to another actress temporarily for a line or for all his dialogue in a script. In such circumstances, it was usually Rica Matsumoto who handled Jyushimatsu, though Mari Mashiba could also be heard once.

Though Yui Shoji covered all the brothers in the 2012 SanThree pachinko game, Matsui would briefly reprise as both Jyushimatsu and Totoko for the 2017 -kun pachislot game.

In Osomatsu-san, Jyushimatsu is voiced by Daisuke Ono in all of his ages and incarnations.



Episode Appearances

1966 Anime

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1988 Anime

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2015 Anime

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  • Like the other sextuplets and members of the Matsuno family, his surname was initially not set in place and had appeared early on as Yamano. By 1964, it would be set as Matsuno, along with his birthday of May 24th.