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Jyushimatsu Matsuno

(松野 十四松)

Chara jyushimatsu
Jyushimatsu as he appears in the 2015 anime.



Blood type


Date of birth

May 24

1966 VA

Mie Azuma

1988 VA

Naoko Matsui

2015 VA

Daisuke Ono

English VA


Jyushimatsu Matsuno (松野十四松 Matsuno Jūshimatsu) is the fifth-born son of the Matsuno Family.


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 20.16.32

Jyushimatsu's casual wear (as seen in Osomatsu-san)


Jyushimatsu's appearance differs very little, if at all, from that of his brothers.


Kid sextuplet

Jyushimatsu as a child.

He is usually seen with his mouth wide open, smiling, with his tongue visible. He also has one cowlick. In the first episode of Osomatsu-san, he wears a white shirt, black tie, blue blazer, grey trousers and black shoes. In the other episodes, he is usually seen wearing a yellow hoodie (which sleeves are longer than his arms), blue shorts and white socks. At home, he wears yellow slippers.

Personality & Characteristics


Though often acting similarly and in tandem with his brothers, individually he is the loudest and most obnoxious, often chattering and being fond of singing.

He is relatively friendly and straightforward, wishing to avoid rough fighting, but can be taken advantage of easily and can also be a bit of a crybaby. In situations where the brothers are divided into pairs for mischief (as with Osomatsu and Choromatsu), he tends to hang around Ichimatsu.


Jyushimatsu is the slightly strange one and the most child-like of the Matsuno brothers. He is generally happy, energetic and over-excited almost all the time, and is rarely seen in a serious state. According to Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu also has trouble blending in with other people due to his extreme child-like personality.

Despite this, Jyushimatsu is seen as the kindest among the sextuplets, as evidenced when he worked the hardest to look for Ichimatsu's lost cat, and has a closer relationship with Ichimatsu than his other brothers.

Episode Appearances

1966 Anime

Jyushimatsu/1966 Anime Episode Appearances

1988 Anime

Jyushimatsu/1988 Anime Episode Appearances

2015 Anime

Jyushimatsu/Osomatsu-san Episode Appearances


  • His name derives from the Japanese name of the Bengalese finch, jushimatsu (十姉妹). His singing and louder nature would also seem to be a play on this name inspiration.
  • In Episode 9B: Jyushimatsu Falls in Love, when Jyushimatsu is shown crying, his tongue is represented by a broken heart, rather than a full one like usual.
  • "十四" is the Japanese word for the number fourteen. Referencing this, his baseball outfit comes complete with an armband bearing the number "14."
  • In the 1993 one-shot story "Osomatsu-kun Grows Up," Jyushimatsu becomes a doctor.
  • In Episode 11: Christmas Osomatsu-san, it is established that, according to Osomatsu, Jyushimatsu makes it a point to stay up and wait for Santa every Christmas, and has done so since he was a child.
  • In a popularity poll hosted by the creator, Jyushimatsu was ranked 3rd place with 9,187 votes.