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Karamatsu Matsuno

(松野 カラ松)

Chara karamatsu
Karamatsu as he appears in the 2015 anime.



Blood type


Date of Birth

May 24th

1966 VA

Emiko Suzuki

1988 VA

Mari Mashiba

2015 VA

Yuichi Nakamura

Karamatsu Matsuno (松野カラ松 Matsuno Karamatsu) is the second-born son of the Matsuno Family.

Personality & Characteristics


Kid sextuplet

Karamatsu as a child.

As a child, Karamatsu is a tidy, particular boy whose energy and drive far surpasses that of his brothers. He is portrayed as something of an airhead.

He is eager to fight, but can wind up a scapegoat and vulnerable in situations, and his impulsive nature leads him to get injured in brawls. He also has somewhat of a large appetite.

In situations where the brothers operate in pairs, he is more often seen with Todomatsu.


Faithful to his previous characterization, Karamatsu is shown to be confident and full of energy and "charisma," yet is often oblivious and clueless to what is actually going on around him. He tends to take everything presented to him very, very seriously, and often speaks in a drawn-out, poetic fashion. His distinctive characteristic is that he has thicker eyebrows.

He desperately tries to be cool using his old-school razzle dazzles and black leather jackets, in an attempt to capture the hearts of ladies and men alike. These attempts, more often than not, backfire horribly. Karamatsu often speaks in confident one-liners that are meant to make him sound cool and awesome, but little to none of these lines are actually entertained by others and are usually simply ignored, much to his dismay. He always seems to bounce back in the end, however, showing his determination and dedication to the ever-confident Casanova front he puts on.

Apparently, his brothers could care less about him, as evidenced when they did not bother rescuing him when he was kidnapped by Chibita in Episode 5A. This, alongside his other laughable antics, marks him as the most prominent comic relief character--he is even described by his voice actor, Yuichi Nakamura, as appearing "just for laughs."

Karamatsu earns more "respect" in the second season, even with some episodes focusing on him. In Episode 35, Karamatsu is revealed to actually be timid and will do as told if he's put under even the tiniest of pressure. He claims it to be because he's "the nicest person in the world", only for Choromatsu to deadpan that he really is just easily intimidated. Karamatsu has mixed feelings over how his brothers treat him, bawling in the presence of Choromatsu about how mean they are to the point that he wants to kill them at times. As evidence of his shyness, his deep voice becomes higher when nervous. This could mean that either his voice genuinely gets higher under pressure or the higher voice is his "real voice".

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2015 Anime

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  • His official Osomatsu-kun character description references his "empty head," insinuating that his name is a pun on "Karappo," meaning "emptiness." His name also derives from the Japanese word for the larch pine tree, karamatsu (唐松).
  • In the 1993 one-shot story "Osomatsu-kun Grows Up," he is shown to have married a greengrocer's daughter.
  • In the "PASH!" December 2015 issue, when asked the one thing he would take with him to an uninhabited island, he answered, "Heh...a beautiful heart."
  • In the same issue, when asked "What's your fetish?," he responded, " long as there's love."
  • The second Osomatsu-san promotional video describes him as the "staff officer among the sextuplets," as well as "Just painful."
  • In a popularity poll hosted by the cretaor, Karamatsu was ranked 1st place with 14,054 votes.