Kinko Inuyama
Osomatsu Season 2 Episode 16 part 3
Kinko as she appear in Osomatsu-san.



2015 VA

Kanae Ito

English VA


Hair Color

Black (Osomatsu-san anime)

Series appearance

Episode 41: Space Pirates, Gourmet Round & The Cutie Next Door

Kinko Inuyama (犬山きん子), also known as Kin-Chan, is a character, who appear in Episode 41 of Osomatsu-san series.


She has a short hair and wears white T-Shirt with a star on it and shorts.

Personality & Characteristics

Kinko is a cheerful girl and always takes great responsibility of herself, especially her own bra flew away by wind to The Sextuplet's house. Also, she offered sweets for them after finding her bra every time. Until she finally decided to ask the sextuplets out, leaving Totoko jealous. Until, it was revealed that she came to Tokyo for visiting relatives and seeing all around what the capital had to offer.

Episode Appearances


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