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Matsuyo Matsuno
Matsuyo as she appears in the 2015 anime.



1966 VA

Mitsuko AsoTakako Kondo

1988 VA

Mari Yokoo

2015 VA


Matsuyo is the mother of The Sextuplets and the wife of Matsuzo.

Personality & Characteristics

1966 Anime

1988 Anime

Matsuyo is the mother of the sextuplets. Even she has trouble telling them apart, seen when waking up the boys in the morning. She has a bit of a no nonsense attitude and can whip the boys into shape when necessary.

2015 Anime

Matsuyo still loves her boys, however she wishes they would move out and get jobs. She has a strong desire for grandchildren, as seen in Episode 4. She still has her motherly instinct and wants to baby her sons from time to time.





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