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Nyaa Hashimoto
Nyaa chan





2015 VA

Nanami Yamashita

English VA


First Appearance

Episode 2B: The Melancholy of Osomatsu


Idol singer


Nyaa's former fiancee

Nyaa Hashimoto (橋本 ニャー), or Nyaa-chan is a character from Osomatsu-san.


Nyaa-chan is a young woman with long pink hair with two green strands and green eyes. She wears gray cat ears, gray cat paws and a gray cat tail. She also wears a brown vest with a yellow-green ribbon, a short blue skirt, and light green shoes.

Personality and Characteristics

Nyaa is an idol who centrally performs around the cat theme; when she sings, her fans call out different cat species to complete it, and she usually ends her sentences with "nyan". While Nyaa is stereotypically seen as an innocent and sweet girl, she is revealed to be two-faced in episode 24, when she showed off her engaged boyfriend to Totoko and farted on her as a farewell. It is likely Nyaa has somewhat a similar personality’s to Totoko, however, she's more successful with her career, more mild and shown to be more appreciative of her fans..


  • In episode 22‘s Mahjong skit, on the front page of the newspaper Karamatsu was holding, Nyaa was reported to be involved in a romantic scandal.
  • Despite her lack of screentime, Nyaa is quite popular with the fandom. She is often drawn and written with either Choromatsu (due to him always coming to her concerts and cheering for her and Nyaa implied to have appreciated it), Totoko (due to their relationship as two-faced idol rivals) or Ichimatsu (due to their shared interest in cats).
  • While Nyaa has a lack of any relationship with the Matsunos and doesn’t seem very interested in any of them, she was there for them to cheer them on during their baseball game in episode 25. The reason for this is yet to be known. It might have been due to the fact that Choromatsu always goes to her concerts and cheer her on, so she may have been cheering for him in return.