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Nyaa Hashimoto
Nyaa chan




Idol Singer

2015 VA

Nanami Yamashita

English VA


First Appearance

Episode 2B: The Melancholy of Osomatsu


Nyaa's former fiancee

Nyaa Hashimoto (橋本 ニャー), or Nyaa-chan is a character from Osomatsu-san.


Nyaa has more of a background presence for most of the show, as she is meant to be symbolic of Choromatsu's idol obsession and to reflect the prevalence of idol culture in modern Japan. She is depicted in a more modern moe anime style, like other newly-created female characters in the show, and her pink hair and cat motifs further make her stand out.

Personality & Characteristics


Nyaa-chan is a young woman with long pink hair with two green strands and green eyes. She wears gray cat ears, gray cat paws and a gray cat tail. She also wears a brown vest with a yellow-green ribbon, a short blue skirt, and light green shoes.


Nyaa is an idol who centrally performs around the cat theme; when she sings, her fans call out different cat species to complete it, and she usually ends her sentences with "nyan".

While Nyaa is stereotypically seen as an innocent and sweet girl, she is revealed to be two-faced in episode 24, when she showed off her engaged boyfriend to Totoko and farted on her as a farewell. It is likely Nyaa has somewhat a similar personality’s to Totoko, however, she's more successful with her career, more mild and shown to be more appreciative of her fans.


Nyaa is shown to have Dekapan as her manager in her first appearance, as an example of one of his many bit roles played. It is also hinted early on that she and Totoko know each other, as she is shown running out of the other idol's dressing room in horror at the stench of the rotten fish.

In episode 22‘s Mahjong skit, on the front page of the newspaper Karamatsu was holding, Nyaa was reported to be involved in a romantic scandal. Towardsthe end of the series she tells Totoko of her retirement plans and marriage, opting to graduate from being an idol. But like the other events that occur in episode 24, this too may have been undone for the sake of the grand finale. Instead, Nyaa is seen back with the rest of the cast, acting as a cheerleader with Totoko and later appearing (in a curtain call manner) with other side characters mourning Coachmatsu, before briefly being witnessed as part of the Matsunos' final baseball team and dying violently.

In season 2, she is still treated mainly as a rival to Totoko, but does show up at the funeral in "Osomatsu-san in Hell" to pay her respects to the sextuplets.



  • In addition to Nyaa, episode 24 confirms the presence of another idol who is either still current or had been a former singer: Wan Sagamihara, who has blue hair and a dog theme. Sagamihara and Hashimoto are prevalent as two stations on the JR East-Yokohama line in the Kanagawa prefecture, both existing in the town of Sagamihara. These neighboring stations seem to have provided the inspiration for their naming scheme.
  • Nanami Yamashita's casting as Nyaa seems to reflect that of her best-known role, the idol (named after herself) Nanami Hisami in the Tatsunoko anime Wake Up, Girls!. The anime's production committee also happens to include TV Tokyo and Avex Pictures, who are part of the committee for Osomatsu-san.