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Osomatsu Matsuno

(松野 おそ松)

Chara osomatsu
Osomatsu as he appears in the 2015 anime.



Blood type


Date of Birth

May 24

1966 VA

Midori Katō

1988 VA

Yō Inoue

2015 VA

Takahiro Sakurai

English VA


Osomatsu Matsuno (松野おそ松 Matsuno Osomatsu) is the titular character and eldest son of the Matsuno Family, having been born first among the sextuplets.

Personality & Characteristics


Kid sextuplet

Osomatsu as a child.

He is a fiery, self-confident boy who often proclaims himself the "leader" of the Matsuno brothers. He takes it upon himself to represent the brothers as a whole, yet his brothers are generally not pleased with his efforts. He is often described as "unreliable" and is referred to as the "best fighter" of the group.

He hates green peppers, and his blood type (like the rest of his brothers) is given as A in his profile.


He faithfully retains his bullheaded, childish characteristics from his youth, and still presents himself as the leader (and, subsequently, the "most responsible" of the group, much to Choromatsu's particular disagreement). Though he expresses his hatred of being a sextuplet and wishes that he was an only child, he feels that he still has the responsibility to take care of them (which, ironically, is often the opposite of what he actually does). Whether he still deserves his title as the "best fighter" is debatable.

Episode Appearances

1966 Anime

Osomatsu/1966 Anime Episode Appearances

1988 Anime

Osomatsu/1988 Anime Episode Appearances

2015 Anime

Osomatsu/Osomatsu-san Episode Appearances


  • His name derives from the word osomatsu (お粗末), meaning "lousy"/"poor"/"ill-prepared".
  • In the 1993 one-shot story "Osomatsu-kun Grows Up," he is depicted as a typical, unmarried salaryman.
  • In the "PASH!" December 2015 issue, when asked about the one thing he would take with him to an uninhabited island, he answered, "Comics and playing cards."
  • In the same issue, when asked "What's your fetish?," he responded with a long rant about "boobs and butts and legs and smell," as well as a long string of other things not explicitly mentioned in the written response (as his answer was tastefully truncated with an "(extremely long answer!)" label).
  • In the second Osomatsu-san promotional video, he is simply labeled an "idiot."
  • Osomatsu's character design was re-used in the 1971 Akatsuka manga "Let's La Gon", depicted as Gon's deceased older brother. Hatabo and Chibita's designs were also re-used for two of Gon's other dead siblings.
  • In a popularity poll hosted by the cretaor, Osomatsu was ranked 4th place with 6,892 votes.