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Pretty Flower Fairy
Flower fairy icon
The Fairy as she appears in episode 15B.




Flower Fairy



Eye & Flower Color


Hair Color


Voice Actress

Yuu Wakui

English VA


First Appearance

Episode 15B: The Life of Chibita's Flower

Pretty Flower Fairy is a character who appears in the Osomatsu-san anime.


The Flower Fairy is shown to be petite, with long hair reaching her mid-back, parted bangs, blue eyes, and a big blue flower as an accessory. She wears a white dress with scalloped edges on the sleeves and hem, with a green scalloped lining as well.


Being that she was born due to the kind deeds of Chibita, she is incredibly devoted to him during her short stay with him. She is kind, if not a little pushy, but genuinely wants to thank Chibita for helping her, even if her own demise comes soon after.

She seems to have a distaste for how Chibita obsesses over oden, and often takes him out to try new things.

Episode Appearances


Pretty Flower Fairy/Gallery


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