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Rerere no Oji-san
Rerere no Ojisan
Rerere no Oji-san as he appears in the manga



1966 VA

He doesn't appear in this series at all.

1988 VA

Shigeru Chiba

2015 VA


Rerere no Oji-san (レレレのおじさん Mister "Rerere"?) is an odd neighbor that is from Tensai Bakabon, named so for his tendency to say Rerere (rather than are (あれ?)) when confused about the countless shenanigans in Osomatsu-kun (1988). He is almost always seen sweeping the street outside of his yard.


Rerere no Oji-san is bald, has a moustache but no nose, ears that extend slightly off of his head, and wears a yukata and geta sandals.

Personality & Characteristics



Rerere no Oji-san/Gallery


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