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Todomatsu Matsuno
(松野 トド松)
Chara todomatsu
Todomatsu as he appears in the 2015 anime.



Blood type


Date of birth

May 24

1966 VA

Haruko Kitahama

1988 VA

Megumi Hayashibara

2015 VA

Miyu Irino

English VA


Todomatsu is the sixth and youngest son of the Matsuno Family.

Personality & Characteristics

Kid sextuplet

Todomatsu as a child.


Individually, he has a more obedient and laid-back personality, although he is also quite spoiled. However, this does not stop him from acting in tandem with his brothers and bullying Chibita, or displaying a belligerent nature.

Compared to the other five, his choice of hobbies are also more lax, with him liking to play with marbles or model airplanes with Jyushimatsu. When going off on mischief, he tends to be shown alongside Karamatsu.

Though he enjoys swimming, he hates baths and does what he can to avoid any unnecessary bathing.

His catchphrase is "Todo no tsumari..." (とどのつまり...), meaning "in the end...", a play on his name and the fact that he is the youngest and last of the sextuplets.


He is the effeminate brother and most fashion-forward to the current trends, unlike Karamatsu whose fashion seems to go back to the 60s. Because of this, Todomatsu is considered the chick magnet and was seen on a date with two girls beside him, and even flirted with a female interviewer when the brothers were looking for a job.

However, though he appears cute and innocent on the surface, his cold side gets revealed when he pretends to not know his brothers, such as ignoring Osomatsu when he bumped into him while on a date with the two girls. A later and more notable instance was when he shunned his brothers in order to prevent being humiliated before Aida and Sacchi, the female baristas at Sutabaa, which Choromatsu in particular realized was part of his two-faced personality.

He is also shown to have manipulative intent when he declined from his mother's custody interview under the pretense of wanting to be independent on his own, cheering when she believed his speech and picked him to stay with her. He also pretended to care about Ichimatsu's ESP Kitty, only for the cat to reveal that he wanted to sell him for money.

Episode Appearances

1966 Anime

Todomatsu/1966 Anime Episode Appearances

1988 Anime

Todomatsu/1988 Anime Episode Appearances

2015 Anime

Todomatsu/Osomatsu-san Episode Appearances


  • His given name derives from the momi fir (abies firma) tree, referred to as todomatsu (椴松) in the Japanese language.
  • In Episode 7, Todomatsu was called "Totty" by Aida and Sacchi. This nickname is then used by characters in later episodes, as well as the voice actors in the episode 12 commentary.
  • In a popularity poll hosted by the creator, Todomatsu was ranked 6th place with 5,618 votes.