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Totoko Yowai
(弱い トト子)
Totoko as she appears in the 2015 anime.



1966 VA

Fuyumi Shiraishi

1988 VA

Naoko Matsui

2015 VA

Aya Endo

English VA



Fish Idol

Hair Color

Black (1966 Anime & Manga)
Brown (Manga Artwork, Video Games, 1988 & 2015 Anime )

Totoko Yowai is the main heroine of the series.



Totoko as kid

Totoko as a kid.

As a kid, Totoko usually has her hair tied into pigtails with a headband and often wore overall dresses.


Although Totoko retains her hairstyle, she now wears shirts with mini skirts and occasionally wears dresses.

Personality & Characteristics


In the original manga, she is a kind but strong-willed young girl who is often the subject of the Matsuno brothers' competing affections.

However, starting in the 1988 anime, she was given a more two-faced personality and selfish attitude, often showing her worse side when things wouldn't go her way.


Totoko is still the love interest of the brothers, and like her 1988 counterpart she is still selfish and wants attention from others.

Starting in Episode 4B: This is Totoko, she becomes a fish idol for her parents' fish shop. This would become a significant part of Totoko's character, as some appearances have her as an idol. In Episode 4B, she not only calls the brothers (besides Choromatsu, who is her manager in the episode), but the townspeople and the press so that she can tell them that since she is becoming an idol, she needs people to buy her unsold tickets for her concert. In Episode 8B: Totoko's Dream, it is revealed that she only wanted to become an idol just so she can become popular, brag to others about her popularity, and have fanboys, which shows her selfish personality. Part of her personality may have been due to the fact, that she was brought up spoiled. However, in "Totoko's Big Panic", she's been going through some character development, learning that things won't always be handed out to her anymore, just because she's cute, and now that she's older. Also in "Totoko's challenge", she participated in an eating contest because as she said in her own words, "I'm not so shallow, that I get lost in my own beauty." Also, one note is that she's trying to stop calling the other people "ugly commoners", (such as in "Totoko's Big Panic") corrected herself and called the other people in the contest, "powerful opponents". Also, she had a rivalry between Nyaa Hashimoto. In which, they won't tolerance one another and get into fight as seen in Episode 33: Jyushimatsu and Dolphin for questioning how many amount of beer, they drank inconsistently at Chibita oden stand.

Episode Appearances

1966 Anime

Totoko/1966 Anime Episode Appearances

1988 Anime

Totoko/1988 Anime Episode Appearances

2015 Anime

Episode 1: Osomatsu-kun Returns

Episode 3: Tidbits Collection

Episode 4B: This is Totoko

Episode 5B: ESP Kitty (mentioned)

Episode 8A: The Calming Osomatsu (non-speaking role)

Episode 8B: Totoko's Dream

Episode 10: Iyami & Chibita's Rental Girlfriend

Episode 11: Christmas Osomatsu-san

Episode 12: Year-End Special-san



  • Her surname is shown on her idol billboard in Episode 8B of the 2015 anime, reading "7th Yowai Totoko Solo Live".
  • Her voice actress in Osomatsu-san (2015), Aya Endo, also did the voice of Miyuki on Lucky Star.