Tougou is a one-shot villain character who appears in the Osomatsu-kun (Manga). He stars in the chapter "The Terrifying Lodger!".


Despite his one-time appearance, Tougou is a popular and infamous character due to the torment and fear he subjected Osomatsu through in the story. This along with his treacherous personality have gotten the story more popularity in recent years, particularly in reprints that came out after Osomatsu-san.

Personality & Characteristics


Tougou is shown to be a somewhat average height man, his adult age ambiguous but possibly younger or around the age of the Matsunos' father.

He is seen wearing a plaid/checkered-print business suit, with a normal tie and shoes. Tougou has an side-part haircut with a shaved line going across the sides by his ears. He has narrow eyes, which are downturned when he acts innocent but upturned when he's being wicked. His nose is composed of two downturned bumps, and he has a long, sharp-toothed mouth.


Tougou is a very tricky and callous man, who slyly covers up anything in quick lies to not get him caught. He pretends to be a nice figure, spoiling the Matsuno brothers when he first comes into their home, and claiming the wallets he stole were for them as well.

However, when Osomatsu catches him in the act of a robbery due to him slipping on a toy car, Tougou's true face is quickly unveiled and he begins to violently threaten Osomatsu and force him into not speaking up about his crimes.


  • As a coincidence or possible easter egg, a man who slightly resembles Tougou is seen in the merchandise meeting of season 2 episode 1. He has an identical face, hair style, and a brown checkered suit, though he lacks the characteristic line on the side of his head.