Tougou is a minor character who's appearance is made in the Osomatsu-kun (Manga). He stars in the chapter "And The Terrifying Lodger!".

Appearance and Personality

Tougou is shown to be a somewhat average height of a man, his age looking to be a little old. He is seen wearing a plaid business suit (Which fans infer to be greenish/brownish) with a normal tie and shoes. Tougou has an side haircut with a shaved line going across the sides by his ears. He is usually seen with his eyes squinted, forming the shape of his face. He has a curvy and sly smile extending from the side of his face to the middle to make a grin. His nose also takes shape of 2 downright bumps.

Tougou is a very tricky man who mostly covers up anything in lies to not get him caught. He pretends to be a nice figure, spoiling the Matsuno Brothers when he first comes into their home.


  • Despite his one-time appearance, Tougou is well known in the Osomatsu-kun/-san community, most possibly because he had blackmailed and forced to kidnap and even kill Osomatsu.
  • As an Easter Egg, he is seen in as a background character of the 2015 anime.