Hi everyone! In this blog post, I'll be talking about what I did today, and that is, unlocking (most of the) pages! YAY!

Now you're probably are (or not) thinking, "Why did they get locked in the first place?" Well, it happened earlier this year, some vandals decided to spam all the character pages, such as replacing Choromatsu's entire entry with "Fappymatsu" (from that episode), replacing Ichimatsu's entire page with the Bee Movie script, and more spamming done to other pages as well.

Now it has been almost a year since the pages were locked, but I've unlocked most of the pages, but I haven't unlocked the sextuplet pages yet, I'll do the less popular ones first and then the popular ones, like Karamatsu.

Please keep in mind that I will be checking this wiki every day for spamming, since I'm the only admin here...

Few more things to add here, I'd appreciate if some people would add more episode pages and already fix the existing pages, and add some more fun pages, like merchandise and manga chapters!

I'll be less harsh on blocking, now it will be 3 Warnings = 1 Block.

☆ Happy editing! ☆

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